Monday, May 7, 2012

Our first designs

Things are happening quickly these days. We started designing the transformation only two weeks ago, and on the open working day on Wednesday we will present a project. This week we had a new tutoring with professora Teresa. Useful as always. We realized that the lack of precise measurements of the building is getting very problematic, so with the help of Daniel we tried to get a feeling of the true sizes. But with this old and irregular building, it proved difficult. We are really waiting for the people who are going to secure the building to give us the opportunity to see the yet undiscovered parts and send some professional measures. On Thursday we had a skype conference with Dimscale, discussing our draft project. And on Friday we went to see NCREP for the same reason. Both very interesting and useful discussions! We are looking forward to more discussions on the open working day.

Discussing with NCREP in their nice office
On Wednesday we sent a draft project to some of our partners, Dimscale, NCREP and Magnetic Fields. There is still a lot to be done, but it is good to discuss the ideas we have so far with our consultants and experts. We will also post the pages we sent here on the blog, to keep you updated. And feel free to comment or give us tips! A lot has already happened since Wednesday, but better late than never. We want to give you a feeling of where we are heading, so here we put some simple drawings of the existing and the new, and some principles describing some of our concept and challenges to our consultants. The exciting continuation you should come and see on Wednesday!

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