Friday, August 31, 2012

Keep calm and detail better

This blog post we want to thank you all for your interest and patience, it is a bit irresponsible to start every blog post with “we are sorry for being late”.

At the moment the final push for finishing the execution project is in action, we are consulting with the architects, engineers and all of the partners that are involved. So it is turbo speed! Special thanks to everyone involved that are working for this project to be possible!

meeting with Nuno from IQ Energy , Rita and Daniel

meeting with NCREP and the engineers

We would like to invite you to the 6th OPEN WORKING DAY, which is going to happen on 4th of September in Hotel Intercontinental at 10.00 a.m., come and be part of the “zoomed in” project review!

For those that are not able to come we promise loooong blog post with all the information and presentations.

So sorry for the silence period but it is going to be worth waiting!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Baking technical projects

Time runs so fast. Second OPEN WORKING DAY of our team is already finished. For the ones that were not there, we would like to share our presented work, with the addition of the issues that were discussed. 

The main points discussed were according to the pipes passing through the CABA structure and the need to integrate its secondary structure design and pipe work.  We should also preview the possibility of including dishwasher in CABA, not in the basic version, but to enable connections with pipes and electricity.
Check the possibility of replacing main beams of the structure below CABA on first floor for larger section with wider spacing, but yet this needs to be decided with NCREP and Bernardino Lima.

Our presentation was followed by DIMSCALE’s last survey, which refers more deeply to the materials needed for construction, and the prices of the same.
They presented a variety of solutions, which leads us to more precise definition of the project.

The following day we had a meeting with our partner PIGMA, a company which will be responsible for the restoration part, mainly on wooden elements which we have plenty!
In order to be more effective and to understand more closely what is the process of restoration and revitalization, the day after we were guests at PIGMA’s working project in Casa da Prelada.They made for us a very thrill tour through every part of the project that they are working on just to give us a preview of how our Reboleira house will look in a very short period of time.

thanks to Teresa & David

After the busy week we wanted to make a small celebration of the break moment by organizing a barbeque party, where all supporters and friends of Arrebita had a guest role in our Salgeiros neighborhood.
Have to say that we had a great time, smiling people, perfect barbeque masters and we will definitely make it again!

the making of

shiny happy people

Until the next week, have a great time!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

making the puzzle, piece by piece

This week we would like to send best greetings to the first team of Arrebita! by saying that the architecture and design process is closed!

Working on a solid ground with your finished work and new parameters to follow, according to all technical solutions, at the end we made it! 

Drawings are submitted and already approved!

new accessory for the building "Aviso" board
And now the focus is only on the technical projects that are needed for this phase to pass from table to the construction site. 
The most difficult part was to make the architecture, the construction and the pipes to work together as a unite, but after a lot of meetings and huge amount of exchanged e-mails with the engineers responsible for this part – Bernardino, Rita and Daniel, we can proudly say that the things are coming out very good.

prove of the process

So with the stability project completely finished and the others well underway we prepare for the 5th OPEN WORKING DAY and all of you that are interested please come and join us on the roundtable discussion this Wednesday

And for those who are in a mood to miss this -ideas exchange- we still have this wonderful invention of internet and comment box for shearing thoughts, which we are excited to hear.