Monday, May 21, 2012

Work, work and an important visitor

The days are going by so quickly, and in all the intense working the blog ends up somehow neglected. To sum up last week, we were working on with ideas and discussions from the last open working day. We got a lot of good input, and details are changed, changed back and discussed again. Sometimes it feels like we are going backwards, but finally the project keeps on improving.

We promised you last week to show pictures of our models. Here are both pictures of working models, and the models made for the last open working day. 
Working models
The entire building
1:50 of the house

Model of the box
Most of the time this week, we worked on our own, without workshops or meetings. Still the week passed quickly. We had an afternoon meeting with the Arrebita engineers, and this was a great help to reach some conclusions about technical aspects. But there is still a lot left, and the days till next open working day will be busy!
On the Friday we had a nice break from the work and Ricardo Lemos from Fundacão Talento showed us around at the Palacio das Artes. Thank you for that!  
With Ricardo at Palacio das Artes
On Saturday our little studio was filled with people; Arrebitas, partners, journalists, and last but not least; the secretary of state of youth Alexandre Mestre. We were honoured that he wanted to visit us and here what we are working with. The secretary of state is invited back in august to see the final presentation before the working starts on site.
Visit from the secretary of state
Eva's drawing for our guest
And finally we had some weekend time. We had a great trip visiting the Lands of Eva, Viana do Castelo, Ponte do Lima, Caminha, markets, climbing a mountain(by car), having a fantastic Sunday lunch, seeing Spain, the ocean and a beautiful scenery, inspecting a home made hydro power plant and the future generation of Portuguese movie makers. Great weekend, great hosts! Thank you!
In Viana do Castelo

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