Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Talking about demolition…

We are delighted to announce the start of a new step in our project, the cleaning of the building !

Cleaning team
Everything started on a thursday morning….
The first archaeological research had to be prepared, so we all went to the building to start cleaning the basement. We felt like Indiana Jones in the jungle, going across the spider webs, the mud and the liquid residues from neighbors. We started to lift the floor to let the archaeologists start their assessment, and then we stumbled upon rock. Whether there’s treasures underneath, we don’t know ! The ground floor must be removed to rid the basement of the temporary supports and make the space safe, so the work will continue once the contractors get on site !

our basement like you've never seen
Marco digging
basement floor : rock

With that, we began getting carried away with the excitement of demolition by moving up to the first floor. Our first victim, the box at the entrance. Luis made short work of that ! And the top layers of the floor didn’t put up much of a fight. So it was good to finally get on the site and begin the real, physical work on the building, and vent our frustrations at the same time ! Once the contractors get on site and can help us with the more tricky parts, we can really get the site work underway.

                                                                      Mexican hatch video

We also paid a visit to the neighbors to survey their appartements. Because we are conducting work that could potentially cause damage to surrounding buildings, through vibrations, movements etc, we need to assess their condition and ensure any claims made by the neighbours were in fact our fault ! So that means photographing every crack, every damp patch in the building. Not an easy job !

Tatiana TV show visiting the neighbors

We hope you’re as excited to finally see our precious building changing shape, and soon we'll give you more !

Friday, October 19, 2012

7th Report

Thanks you for coming to our 7th OPEN WORKING DAY ! It was very helpfull. We are so glad to have so many people working with us ! 

OWD at InterContinental Hotel
For those who couldn’t make it, here you can find all the presentations, starting by our own,

Then Tiago’s presentation for NCREP,

Rita and Daniel’s for water supplies presentation,

Tiago’s for LogAcoustica,

And the Archeologist’s prensention for Dryas

The technicals projects are arriving one after another, and the big picture is getting more and more precise !

In the next post….the firsts photos of us destroying things !!! Be ready !