Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Até logo!

Every good experience comes to an end, and ARREBITA is no exception to this rule … But no sad faces here because we know that a new team will come and keep up the good work!

We hope they will have the same great and interesting time we had, discovering Porto, exploring the building practice and getting to know a lot of wonderfull people. We learned so many things, not only as professionals but also as human beings, that will  help us in our-  no guess - bright future.

We want to thank José and the Arrebita team for their endless efforts, their catching enthousiasm and for helping us feel at home in Porto.

To finalize, a little tip for team 5: " Don't forget to push the envelope! ;-)"

Cheers from Team 4

Friday, March 15, 2013

Balance of the week

Holes in Madelena's head: 1
Sunshine: 4 days and 1 morning
Fotoshoots in the alleys of Morro da Sé: 1
Delivered projects at Porto Vivo: 1!!!!!
Yoga class on the impossible moment of monday morning: 1
Sore muscles: 469
New CABA: 1
Images showing new CABA: 2



Visits by a fireman: 1
Visits to the building to analyze the facade: 1
Heaters still working: 1
Cups of tea:526
Cups of coffee: 12.686 (cappucino not included)
José's charger breaking down:everyday

Days still to go: 7...

Friday, March 8, 2013

In the box

Hello dear followers !

This week-end has been great : after some intense days of work and reviews we finished the drawings package ! It's finished, it's printed, it's folded, it's organized, it's even in folders, it's in the box ! It's in the bag ! Now we just have to wait and hope everything will be ok and that the work on site will start soon !

Saturday afternoon thanks to Victor we had the chance to visit the Palacio do Bolhão which is being refurbished to become a theater. It's been eight years now that they've been working on it. Eight years ! If we thought that the process in Arrebita might be slow somesometimes (waiting for approval, waiting for this and that) this case showes us that changing things just takes time and a lot of effort and perseverance, but if it's done right, it's worth it. So here we are, in this beautiful palace wondering around the richly decorated rooms with molds and paintings bringing us back in time.