Sunday, April 29, 2012

The last week of April

This week began with everybody working individually for the first time. Every member had the task to create his own concept for architectural/spatial and programmatic solutions of the building. Our “deadline” was on Wednesday, because we had arranged a meeting with Professora Teresa. Also, it was on the 25th of April, the very significant holiday dedicated to the Carnation Revolution! The day when “nobody” works. :)
Tutoring with professora Teresa
 We designed more than 10 different possibilities, and on Wednesday presented those to Teresa. That meeting was extremely inspiring and after a long and productive discussion about our proposals, we chose the good things from all different projects that we will try to integrate into one solution. This meeting was probably the most important until now and was the moment of defining our designing concept!

We started to think about two main things that we wanted to do:
- ”to empty the box” (which is the building)
- ”to design a living box” (inside the existing building)

So, from the end of that meeting we started to design flexible boxes that can adapt to all kinds of apartments. We were thinking about various solutions like a small box for kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, but also about the different combinations of them integrated into just one. To make things more realistic and better to understand we decided to make a model (a big one, in scale 1:20) so we can try to put in all our new boxes!

On Friday, we met again with Susana Pacheco Barros, because she had so many things to tell about historic aspects of Porto, that the meeting we had the week before wasn’t enough and we asked her to arrange a new one. This time, she took us for a walk and told us a lot of amazing stories about Porto that we (and probably the most of the people who live here) didn’t know!
With the view of Porto
After the tour we continued to work with our box solutions and building the model… Here are some photos of the atmosphere from the office!





Next week, we will share with you also the drawings and models that we have made!

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