Monday, May 26, 2014

Done and dusted...


The other day we had a belated spring cleaning at the building site. Everything needed to be ready for the German delegation. Once we started it was hard to stop us again, but finally we had to realize that we could not get rid of the dust entirely. Moreover we assembled some pillars to fix signal tape to make it 200% safe for our visitors. Probably photos will be able to tell a much better story about that day than words.


Broom and woman power
When we were done with the floor and covered in dust ourselves our partner SIGN brought the three light boxes. We had been designing them for few days and the result proved the time well invested. So by the end of the day everything was in place for the presentation.

Unveiling the light boxes

After Cristiano spent days and nights at Senhor Pachecos workshop we could finally marvel at that beautiful model of ours, as well. Have you ever seen such a detailed realistic model?
We neither. Our special and most sincere thanks go to Senhor Pacheco, we could not have accomplished that level of detail and precision without him. Also we want to thank the previous teams that already started with the structure.

Have a look at the pictures, did we promise you too much?
More pictures will be uploaded in the next weeks. Also check Senhor Pachecos facebook to have a look at his wonderful boats he does.


The model on its way to the site

So – cleaned building site: check; light boxes: check; model: check – all set for our German visitors.


The delegation arrived on Saturday around lunchtime. They actually came from the Institute for Urban Planning in Berlin (Institut für Städtebau Berlin) and were guests of Porto Vivo that organized the presentation of Arrebita as a surprise. Since they were so many, we had to split the group and Alina had to give the presentation twice. In German, of course. Even though the other Arrebitas could not understand too much, it seemed to be a good presentation. The delegation was impressed by the idea and engagement of Arrebita. So let's hope they spread the word of Arrebita back home in Germany.

After the presentation we really had the best reasons to celebrate our achievements of our halftime.

Of course we did not run out of tasks. There are a lot of things in the making right now.
As you might remember, we need to build the ground floor before we can start with the 1st floor. Therefore we are designing a solution for it with our partner at the moment. We will keep you updated about that.

Besides that, we are testing a software by our partner 3Decide
It is called 360° and will allow us to add captions with the information or story we want to give on that component. They already took the first round of 360° of photos and we have started to select data we want to appear in the captions. Every three month there will be new photos so you will actually be able to follow the refurbishment process on the building site.
As soon as we are done with the first ones we will upload them.

Furthermore, we can proudly announce that...drumroll...we are done with the selection of our successors, team 10. It was two weeks of talking to very nice and talented people from all over the world. Nevertheless there are just five positions in the team and we had a tough time deciding with José. Shortly we will introduce them here. We are excited to meet them soon, even though we are sad at once, as it means our time is slowly running out. Four more weeks.

Doesn't time fly when you enjoy yourself?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

So much to do...

so little time.

But finally we managed to get back to you and feed you with the most recent information and photos on the process.

After Envolvente mounted the scaffold it was still up to us to fix the net to the it. It took us while to overcome the respect for its height (which was definitely advisable). However, we finally got up there and curtained our dear Reboleira 42.

Our bride 

In the meantime the workers from Topdomus were busy taking out the rotten structure of the 2nd floor to replace it with the new beams. So get a look at our beautiful new structure.

…and after: all shiny and new

Due to the still missing ground floor it will be not possible to install the 1st floor at the moment, but we are on that. So we hope we can show you pictures of that one soon, too.

Besides, we are organizing the tools which are still missing. For example, steel brushes to take off the old paint and buckets to transport the old material or mix the plaster.

The last two weeks we were pouring a lot of time and energy into the model, since it really needs to be ready by the end of the week. We have been saying that for quite some time now, but the Senhor Pacheco's passion for detail more time consuming than expected (we were even cutting each plank of the cork floor). However, it is totally worth it. Every rendering will fade next to that model. Here is a little pretaste on what you can expect in our next entry.
Stay tuned. It is totally worth it.

Let's hope our real facade can live up to that…
The motivation to hurry up the process of building the model is the visit of a delegation of the Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs of Germany on Saturday afternoon. In addition to the physical model we prepared large-scale posters to be displayed on lightboxes, which will be produced by our partner SIGN. The delegation will be able to visit the building site and learn more about Arrebita. Chance brought it about that there is a German volunteer for the first time since the project was launched, so they will actually enjoy a German presentation.

We are happy to see that the idea of Arrebita disseminates further and further.
This is also reflected in the latest applications for the next team which we receive from all over Europa and even overseas.

Time for a small “commercial break” on our part:

We usually do not bore you with the stuff we do during leisure time, but we are going to make an exception in this case:

Last Sunday we took a tour through Porto, but not just any tour, we took THE WORST TOURS.
No worries. That is just the name of the three architects who offer it. They describe themselves as “a low rated tours agency for anyone who really doesn't want to be a tourist while getting to know Porto, the coolest city in Portugal“. Sounded pretty perfect to us and we were not disappointed. Gui - our tour guide - showed us around about 4 hours just interrupted by two stops to restore our energy with something cool and sparkly and the best (Portuguese) croissant in town. We learnt about the “islands” and how the city of Porto developed. Discussing the current economical situation in Portugal we learnt how people are afflicted with the austerity policy and how local activists take action. We saw occupied buildings and former shopping streets now totally abandoned contrasted with gentrification and “touristification” at its worst.
We got to know so much more than we can recapitulate at this point. Let alone the most amazing spot to see the sunset. So, go and book a tour! And of course, tell your friends.

Arrebitas and THE WORST TOURS

So this is us for the moment. The next entry will follow soon!

Team 9