Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our last open working day coming up...

As our last Saturday was changed for Monday, this working week started on Tuesday in the building with NCREP. Now the structure is finally secured for us to enter, and at last we were able to see the roof construction and visit the basement. The roof was more or less like we expected, but unfortunately in a quite poor state. NCREP will do some calculations to we whether we are able to keep in or if we have to replace it. Some parts will have to be replaced anyway, as there are some heavy damages caused by moist in some of the supports. The basement was a dark and smelly place, and hopefully we manage to get in some new fresh air and life...
Finally the mysterious roof structure is revealed...
Discovering the roof and the basement with NCREP
Later on Tuesday we got a visit from professor Jorge Vaz from ESAP, with whom we discussed details and technical solutions. This was of great help, a very efficient and valuable session. We are looking forward to the next one, saving up questions!
Details are discussed with professor Vaz
Finally, Tuesday was rounded off with the architects of the Arrebita team. Helping us with solutions here and there, and discussing our submission papers. Accompanied with pizza and chit-chat, this was a nice informal working discussion. It is great to be a part of the Arrebita family!

On Wednesday we had a tutoring with professora Teresa Fonseca. It has been a while since the last one, but it is always good to know that we are heading in the right direction. Adjustments were made and problems solved. Some new problems also tend to be revealed, but they will probably be solved during the next days. Hopefully...

The same day we also had a workshop with Joana Leandro Vasconcelos from in.vitro atelier de arquitectura. She walked us through the entire process of a project in Portugal, describing all the fases, submissions that have to be done, and what we are handing in next week. A helpful insight to the process!

Rest of the week was spent just working on. A lot of aspects have been well discussed, but we are now really looking forward to the meeting with Magnetic fields on Monday. Discussing the energy solutions of the building is now getting crucial.
Exploring details
As the building was secured, we could also get a professional geometrical survey. We were lucky to have Paulo Sousa helping us with this, and now we finally have accurate drawings. We might not have time to adjust the drawing work we've done so far before the next open working day, but it will be done eventually. Luckily the differences were not too severe!

And now we have only few days left for our next open working day. We are looking forward to this last presentation and discussion. We are finishing drawings for this, and at the same time for submitting the project at the municipality. Lists of drawings are made, and remade. 
One of many lists...
We would like to post here some of our recent drawings for you to see before the last round of discussions, but right now they are all more or less work in progress, so we will post after Wednesday instead. Nevertheless, we would like to see as many as possible this last Open Working day! Come and help us finalize this project!

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