Friday, September 28, 2012

Team 3

Team 3 at the office, our new home

Here we are ! Team 3 is in Porto city !!
We all arrived last weekend, to start this amazing adventure on Monday 24th !

The first one was Marco, the italian,  then Céline the french, Luis the mexican, Tatiana the portugese and David from Scotland.  The warm welcome from Jose, Pilar, Vitor and her friends who then brought us to the studio, the building for a first impression, and after to have some wine tasting.

Our mission : start the work on site. But before that, getting to know the project and thanks to Marta and Pedro from the previous team we were well mentored.
On Monday evening we met the architects, and had an overview of this part of team.

The second day we had the traditional  sidewalk in Porto organised by Pilar and Diana, which is always a good way to know a bit of the city, and even more of its weather since it was raining cats and dogs !!  After this i twas nice to meet the engineers in our dry and warm studio.

Visiting Alvaro Siza social housing

Our partner PIGMA had also prepared some brain food for us to know better the conservation work of old equipment.

David having fun scraping off the paint

And we are now well caught up with the (complex) BIM system since we had an interesting workshop.

Now it’s time to finish up the last drawings and to continue to improve the project which is already great thanks of the work for the previous teams ! We are all looking forward to going and working inside the building !

Friday, September 7, 2012


After finishing the last OPEN WORKING DAY for our team and receiving needed feedback from all present parties, it is our pleasure to share our work with you.




Nothing would be the same without the input from all our partners. That’s why we would like to show the presentations from IQ Energy an d DIMSCALE, as a crucial part of the whole project.

Here is DIMSCALE's presentation :

DIMSCALE presentation
DIMSCALE presentation
DIMSCALE presentation

 Here is IQ Energy's presentation that Nuno Rolo Creado has prepared :

IQ Energy presentation
IQ Energy presentation
IQ Energy presentation
IQ Energy presentation
IQ Energy presentation
IQ Energy presentation

  Please feel free to comment, we would like to hear your opinion, even if it is negative :)