Monday, May 14, 2012

Second Open Working Day

This has been a busy week. At least half of it was really busy. With the open working day coming up, we had a lot to prepare for the Wednesday. We build two models, one of the entire house in 1:50 and one of the box in 1:10. Pictures of these will follow.

The open working day was a great success! We presented our work and thoughts so far, and it raised some good discussions. For those of you who could not be there on Wednesday we put here our presentation.

Ground floor and new mezzanine
First and second floor
View from apartment on second floor
Flexibility for a different use on first floor
Open working space on ground floor
Also NCREP, Dimscale and Magnetic fields presented their view on the project so far. Tiago Ilharco from NCREP had a very informative presentation about the statical consequences and possible solution in our project. Paulo Sarabanda and Rui Rigueira from Magnetic fields presented different possible solutions concerning energy supply and savings, and solutions for ventilation and heating. It is good to have them on board, and we are looking forward to learn more from them about the technical aspects and consequences of our designs. Finally, Dimscale presented a their thoughts upon materials, and adapting solutions to the material dimensions. 
Discussing with Dimscale
After the general discussion, we also had a workshop with Dimscale about cost management and quantity surveying. But interesting discussions are luckily difficult to stop, and a lot of the afternoon was also used to discuss alternatives for the box. New alternatives for materials where put on the table, like polycarbonate. We want to give the box a touch of something extra. Finishing the day with a toast to the great day, and for the birthday of Artur. Dimscale also has a great blog following our project. Worth visiting!
Debriefing the day
Thursday was spent in Matosinhos with Ricardo at INFOR. In addition to help us with problems we have ran into with ArchiCad so far, we had a great introduction to Artlantis. This was really inspiring, and you should all look forward to our next presentation! And with the end of the day spent at the beach, Thursday was truly great. 

And after a full week, Friday was a day for brainstorming over the discussions and input we have had during the week. A good start of the next period of working. 
And then came the weekend, this time with a warming sun. Go Porto!

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