Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hot news from Arrebita!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! It has been almost two weeks since our arrival in Porto and we (team 7) have some interesting updates for you all!

On Monday the first load of materials has arrived to the construction site - the international team together with the construction workers unloaded the wood beams, the metal profiles, the insulation panels and the tiles. Although we encountered some communication problems in blocking the traffic for the truck and  with bringing up to the first floor some heavy materials, everything is ready for the roof to be constructed!

On Tuesday we went for an Archicad Workshop to Matosinhos, we learned the basics of the program through which the Arrebita technical design was carried out throughout the project. We thank again to our partner INFOR for doing this!

Today we went on the construction site for an early morning meeting with the technical expert from our partner
Cobert. Fernando Pisoeiro has explained the workers and us how to assemble the roof system (profiles, insulation and tiles). 

At the moment we are trying to build a light structure podium for the initial speech at the grand opening event scheduled for this Friday! So, who’s joining us?

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