Thursday, October 24, 2013

Concreta Time!

It was a busy week for Team 7 and we would like to keep you updated with the last exciting news!

After the speech of the “Grand opening” by Josè Paixao, the international team has gone back to work, trying to overcome the challenges in designing the pavilion for Concreta exposition 2013-2014 taking place in Exponord, Matosinhos from the 23rd until the 26th of October.
After lots of ideas discussed between Josè, the team and the various engineers and architects coordinating the project, we came up with a draft design idea of a panel (10 x 2,35 meters) as well as for a ground floor panel (10 x 6 meters) both showing the idea behind the social project of Arrebita!

First of all the collaborative network: made by companies, institutions, coordinators, consultants and the international teams, which are the core of this “innovative model” and they enable with their capabilities and commitment the social project to be carried on. Second: the start of the construction work of the roof scheduled for the beginning of this week but delayed due to weather condition!

Our new partner SIGN ( has enabled the designed panel to look awesome with their latest technologies in large-scale printing and we would like to thanks them again for the collaboration!

Moreover, we encountered some problems in developing and implementing a pragmatic idea for a structure that could have hosted the various samples/brochures/business cards of the Arrebita network.
The idea was to have a sphere shaped structure that would be the only 3 dimensional objects following the same circular logic of the panel. 

After various design proposals with different materials we opted for a hexagon shaped structure made out of pallets painted in white! 

a temporary try of the hexagon!

On Tuesday morning, local artisan Joao Pacheco with his 30 years experience in woodworking, proper tools and little tips helped the international team reach their goals.

With all the parts of the hexagon more or less ready and in a hurry to go and assemble it in Concreta, the team and Josè left in late afternoon with a Van full of white pallets, brochures and the office table (which would have been our “exit strategy” in case things would have turned complicated) toward Matosinhos.

Eventually, indeed, our grey little round table fitted perfectly to our pavilion and we sadly threw away all the pallets!

In these two days of exposition we got to know lot of different people interested in the project as well as potential partners!

There is still two days of exposition and we look forward to welcome everyone in Pavilion 3, stand C. 20!
Cheers and Arrebita!Porto!

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