Thursday, October 3, 2013

Team 7 says Hello!

Hi followers, we are Team 7 and we would like to inform you that we all have arrived in Porto! We are Filippo Lafleur (Italy), Philippe Mendez (France), Vladimiro Gonçalves (Portugal), Alexandra Mutuleanu (Romania) and Margarida Martins (Portugal). Thanks to Bruno, Claudia and Greg we got to know the pilot projects through the booklet as well as the A!box modular design, which we will try to further develop.

Meanwhile, from landfill unloading works and some visit to the construction site, to getting familiar to the project and praying for a more “southern European” weath­er, we look forward to meet the architects and engineers tomorrow in order to discuss the ideas and possible solutions that came up in the last few days.
Cheers guys! and Arrebita!Porto.

Team 7

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