Thursday, January 31, 2013

Meeting the architects

To get inspired, we gathered with the team of architects at the recently refurbished apartment of Rita in downtown Porto. On the table/floor was again our beloved CABA. What to do with this crucial element - infamous for its myriad of metamorphoses it has known during the design process? By passing through so many different hands it had become an assembly of multiple concepts, ideas and solutions in danger of becoming some kind of “Frankenstein”.  Therefore - after some fine discussing - we agreed on a tabula rasa that would grant us the liberty to take CABA fully into our hand and to mold it into a clear and strong concept. And so we were send into the night each with the task to develop a concept for CABA “from scratch” with the essential remark that CABA isn’t to be OURS but EVERYBODIES. 

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