Sunday, January 20, 2013

An Arrebita! state of mind

Another week passed by and it must be said: the rain was persistent! Armed with umbrella’s (or what’s left of them) and some good (and bad) humor we got to the Arrebita! studio anyhow and met some of our enthusiastic consultants:

On Monday a skype call with IQ Energy cleared out the ventilation scheme and the thermal behavior of the project. Later that day the engineers of NCREP  gave us a clear picture of the structural project. Subsequently on Tuesday Dimscale advised us on the choice of materials and finally on Wednesday LogAcustica joined us at the round table to help us out with the last pending issues according acoustics as well as some difficulties on “soundproofing” CABA.  At the same time, Teresa – an industrial designer from Mexico – joined the Arrebita! team via skype to help us optimizing CABA.

Indeed, though the project team 3 handed over to us was mostly finished we couldn’t help ourselves but giving CABA another shot and so the infamous “serving cube” ended up on the design table once again to receive – what we like to call – it’s finishing touch. 

Finally on Friday we had some unusual visitors: a multicultural team of architects that make up the Swiss office: STRATA wanted to know more about Arrebita! so José had invited them over to come and take a look at the Arrebita! studio. After a short presentation inside we bravely defied the rain again and showed them the house at Rua de Reboleira 42. Being back in the building made our hands feel more itchy than ever before  to start working on site and get this building healthy again. 

STRATA @ the Arrebita! studio

But for tomorrow, apparently it will just rain some more. Let’s hope the sky loses all it has stored for us, so when we’ll start on site, we’ll have the sun on our hands! 

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