Monday, January 14, 2013

We are Team 4. And we are here to rock!!!

Team 4 is in Porto! 

This time the international team comprises architects Madalena Madeira [Portugal], Sarah Louati [France], Flavio Carniel [Italy], Ruth Kennivé [Belgium] and Antonio Sánchez [Spain]. Beginning the fourth phase of the Arrebita! Reboleira project, spanning from January to March 2013, the five architects will showcase their design expertise in sensitive areas. As you already know, the historical building is in fact enclosed in the UNESCO Porto area. 

Let's hear what Team 4 has to tell us!

Team 4 in the studio. From left: architects Flavio C., Sarah L., Ruth K., Madalena M., Antonio S.

Our first day was awe-inspiring. We got to meet Tatiana -from Team 3- who helped us getting familiar with the project. She showed us the building and explained everything there was to know about the conservation project we were going to learn about.

Right after that we met another partner, quite unusual if you wish: the Bicycle Bank, "Banco das bicicletas" in Portuguese. After work we went to pick up our bikes, at ”Banco das bicicletas” and thanks to them we are now able to explore this amazing city. Porto has many ups-and-downs and we think it might be good to keep fit and learn about the "hidden treasures" of such a city.

José is keeping us pretty busy, which is great! From day one we begun meeting with some of the architects and engineers that are going to work with us. The effort they are sharing with us is remarkable: we couldn’t be in better hands. Other partners and consultants came to our studio to update the project status, so to ensure the construction project is moving. 

Being this a collaborative project, we are using a complex 3D model of the building. This choice was made so that the diverse detailed projects could merge into an organised model. The BIM technology ensures such a work can be delivered. For this reason, we had an intense ArchiCAD workshop to get familiar with the software technology we are using. Well, thanks to our Infor partner: Ricardo, from Infor, explained us every tool we will need to work with on the model. We are taking the BIM model Team 3 left us, and we are excited to get started.

ArchiCAD workshop. Team 4 with ArchiCAD expert Ricardo Garim Dias, from Infor.

Next days will be quite busy so we will have plenty of new good posts … Now we can´t wait to get inside the building and finally get the conservation project started!

Até já, Team 4.

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