Monday, January 21, 2013

Love at first sight site.  New communication strategy for Arrebita!Porto.

We bet you would nothing but follow up all Arrebita!'s latest news while they are happening! Well, your smartphone can now help you achieve that!

Arrebita!Porto and LogoGrab teams paired up to ensure you can be updated with the latest  news on the project.

Arrebita!Porto has now fully integrated the LogoGrab technology [working on your iPhone and Android devices]. 
By using your smartphone, just run the LogoGrab application and point at Arrebita!Porto logos you find in the city center, on newspapers, on the web and wherever you discover them. 

Logograbbing Arrebita!Porto in the city center.

That's it! All the main Arrebita! information channels are at your fingertips: the official website, the blog and contact details, together with our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels. This is a whole new level of keeping in touch with the project, that has a bright idea behind itself: to use the logo as a carrier for updated project information.

Arrebita!Porto LogoGrab works on Android.
Arrebita!Porto LogoGrab works on iPhone.

Well, all of this is possible thanks to the support of the LogoGrab team. The young-and-bright Swiss-based team presented LogoGrab at the Consumer Electronic Show, in early January 2013: radio shows and interviews followed.  And the LogoGrab project went viral.  

We at Arrebita!Porto decided to use such technology to make our project even more accessible. Now you just have to LogoGrab Arrebita!Porto, and disclose all the latest news. 

All at your fingertips!

And now back to the project building details.
Talk to you soon,

Arrebita! team4.

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  1. great idea!I'm happy to see Arrebita growing every day, more and more!Bravo!:)