Friday, April 4, 2014

Hats off to Team 9!

Arrebita Porto is happy to introduce you to the second team in 2014: Cristiano Pepi (Italy), Eduarda Vieira (Portugal), Diana Giráldez (Spain) and Elena Bejor (Italy/ Germany) aka Team 9.

After settling down in our new home and having a first glimpse at the beautiful city of Porto, we started freshly and full of energy into our first week.

The warm welcome meeting of José, Rita and Daniel was spiced with a lot of information about the project and its current status. Joana and Guilherme of Team 8 showed us around on the building site, giving us all the insider knowledge we will need to carry. In addition to that, they prepared a very well organized documentation of the extensive work they have been doing during the past three rainy months.

Moreover, we already got the chance to meet a very dear partner of Arrebita: Sr. João Pacheco, with whom we hope to finish the 1:20 model of the building soon.
Please visit his facebook page to have a look at his beautiful work!

To make sure we will be able to handle the files the previous team has left us, we received a training for the ArchiCAD, provided by our software partner Infor-Sociedade Portuguesa de Estudos e Informática Lda. We would like thank to Eng. Araújo for his time and our instructor Ricardo Dias for his patience and help.

Besides all that technical skills, we also did a team building session, which was held by THINKING-BIG. We learnt more about our fellow team members (including the support team José, Rita and Daniel) as well as ourselves through fun and games. Edite and Rita, both Portuguese psychologists, raised awareness for group dynamics and gave us very helpful methods to deal with the differences that naturally exist in every group.

Being forearmed with all that new skills, we are even more excited to be part of Arrebita and are looking forward to dive into the project on Monday!

We keep you posted!
All the best,
Team 9.

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