Friday, April 11, 2014

Here comes the sun!

This weeks weather was much more generous with Arrebita's Team 9 than the last one. 

So this put us in the right mood for some spring cleaning. „A tidy house, a tidy mind“, as they say. We went to the warehouse to get some shelves to organize the samples and model building material in our office. Besides, we prettied up José's meeting space: The models are displayed there now, so they don't gather dust and the wall shines in Arrebita colours thanks to the posters. Mission accomplished. 

The Tuesday started off with a very informative presentation by José and Ana from Porto Vivo – Sociedade de Reabilitação Urbana (Assosiation for urban rehabilitation). We learnt more about the reasons for the abandonment of the city centre which started already back in the 80s and its impact on life in the city. Moreover, they provided an insight into two of their latest projects. Later on a tour we had the chance to get a look at those in real life. Thanks a lot, José and Ana, for the time you offered! 

In the afternoon we had a meeting with our support group. After we spent the first week learning the ropes of the project, it was time to continue the work of previous teams. We mainly discussed the logistics for the upcoming works on the facade. Next week our partner is going to erect the scaffolding. Besides, we are going to pick up the around 100 bags à 25 kg of material for the facade with our partner for transportation. Well, we hope the weather will stay as sunny as it is right now, so we will be able to start work on site after the Easter weekend. 

Until then, we need to finish some paperwork and get acquainted with the different materials that will be used. Furthermore, we are happy to announce that the cooperation with Sr Pacheco on the 1:20 model was resumed. Eduarda and Elena are helping him. Stay tuned to get a look at the updated model soon! 

On Thursday we had the great opportunity to introduce Arrebita's work to a group of student from the TU Vienna. Being here for for only about ten days we managed to answer (almost) all of their question and felt that we know “our baby” quite well by now. It was real fun. Thanks Pedro for making sure everyone was safe on site! 

Hopefully, we see some of them again in the application phase for team 10! 

After a busy week we are now leaving work for the weekend to enjoy the sunny side of Porto.


Have a marvellous and sunny weekend. 

All the best, 

Team 9

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