Monday, March 31, 2014

The Times They Are A-Changin'

As team 8’s time comes to an end we have welcomed Edite’s Thinking Big in our office for a final session focused on bringing closure to the group. Reflecting on the three months that have gone by, we considered and discussed what had been learnt, altered and gained, concentrating on the individual and collective experience of all the participants. Further details of the session can be seen on Thinking-Big's blog. Thank you again Edite for all the enthusiasm and energy, and for creating the space and the time to reflect upon our thoughts and actions as an evolving group.
And as the thought of what we have achieved and built together comes into place, we could not leave without thanking José, Rita, Daniel and Natalia. It was a pleasure and a privilege to get to know you all. Thank you for welcoming us with joy and care, and for the fundamental part you’ve played in this amazing professional and personal experience. All you’re advices and shared experiences will not be forgotten.
We also want to thank Sr. João Pacheco, for the insights on carpentry and Ribeira, embodying a perspective and personal experience which we got to know and understand up-close. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors and hope to see your skills and expertise shining through Arrebita’s project in the future!
Last but not least, a final thank you to all the partners that welcome and embrace Arrebita’s project. Without you, this experience would not have been made possible. Through all the meetings and discussions on-site, your expertise were fundamental to the construction of a different perspective on architecture, and for the deepening of the connection between design and reality. Without your practical contribution to our project, our possibilities would remain an abstraction.
After a week of transitions and changes, welcomes and goodbyes, we wish Team 9 and all the following teams the best of luck and courage, and that your experience can be at least as exciting as ours was! 
We’ll meet again anytime soon, and celebrate Arrebita for what it means and for what it will become in the near future!

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