Friday, March 14, 2014

Designing A!Plan - part 2

Hello Arrebitas! 
Here we are again to share with you the concept and image Team 8 has developed for Reboleira 42! 
Seeking a strong architectural identity for Arrebita!Porto’s pilot project, we have brought together our individual ideas and skills, which were discussed and synthesized as a whole, having in mind the materials and services provided by our partners, and considering that the network we are building is in constant growth and expansion. In this sense, we sought to approach the different levels of the building as components of an integrated system, which would come together through the use of a specific array of materials and finishes transverse to all of them.
Regarding the basement area, we have concentrated our attention in the floor finishing and the addition of two storage units to the space. Having cork as its material, we have designed a pattern for the floor that refers to the traditional Portuguese tile usage, applying and re-thinking it in an innovative way. As a strong element in the composition, the floor would work as the highlight of the room, vitality that would contrast with the clean white walls and the simplicity of the A!Wall design. As a storage unit, the A!Wall intends to establish a parallel with the A!Box, using the same modular system and materials, exploring different possible combinations and dimensions of drawers, according with the activity to be developed in this space.
The A!Box, as a representation of the Arrebita! spirit, defines and differentiates the upper floors, and its development intends to maintain the link with the materials and methods of the overall project, but allowing it to be as versatile and adaptable as possible to other buildings and circumstances. Maintaining the modular system created by the previous teams, we have tried to solve the constructive and technical challenges these specific areas represent, considering the possibility of using cork throughout the entire bathroom area and reinforcing the insulation in the modular panels as well. In this sense, the panels were simplified and their variety achieved through the different combinations in terms of colours and textures.

As for the ground floor, we have centered our attention in the entrance area, transition between Rua da Reboleira and the interior, main focus of the passers-by and first impression for the visitors. As a gathering space, the entrance accommodates a siting area complemented by a visual connection with the basement, through a light well, as well as a tile wall, which can also serve as an identifiable focal point. 
In close relationship with the ground floor we have the mezzanine, which complements it with a small area enclosed by glass panels, and can be used for different activities that require more privacy, also functioning as a light source for the rest of the floor.
As the concepts, ideas and architectural drawings start to come together and we summarize all the information for the next team, the facade preparation is also advancing, since the permit for the placement of the scaffolding in Rua da Reboleira has been made, and the testing process of Weber’s facade solutions is also in development.
We’ll keep you posted as we go! Cheers from Arrebita!Porto!