Monday, January 27, 2014

Next stop: facade!

Dear Arrebitas,
Team 8 is now preparing the work to be done in the facade, between the improvement of the drawings of the windows and doors, and choosing a range of possible colors to apply. Having in mind the fact that our pilot project is located in the “priority intervention area of Infante D. Henrique”, a well-known historical and protected area, we are making sure that the building maintains its original features.
In this sense, the next step will be to clean and repair the facade with the products provided by Weber, to which will follow the test of an array of color samples to match the existing ones, made possible by CIN.

To continue this effort, the doors on the ground floor will be refurbished by us with the help of PIGMA, in a workshop format session that will give us the tools to do the work ourselves!

 The windows, on the other hand, due to their poor conditions of conservation, will need to be replaced completely. Following the same logic of the rest of the facade, we aim at maintaining their material, colour and design, improving at the same time their insulation qualities, with double glazing. We are now on the run for new partners who can help us achieve these goals!

For all of this and more we are eager to see some improvement on the weather so we can start with the hands-on work! As soon as the scaffolding is placed we will also be able to start thinking about the building’s soffit, to be designed and built by Sr. João Pacheco

At Sr. João’s atelier, right next to Ponte Luís I, the 1:20 model of Reboleira 42 is also showing progress, as the structure of the building is reaching completion and growing progressively, just as the building itself.
Tomorrow we will meet Rita, Daniel and Natalia, our wonderful team of engineers and architects, and afterwards discuss the evolution of the work with the contractor, in order to establish the guidelines and deadlines for the next weeks!

We’ll keep you posted, anytime soon!

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