Sunday, January 19, 2014

Roof structure: Check!

Arrebita is proud to announce that the roof of Reboleira 42 is finally complete! With the support of Telhas Cobert and its workers, the building got through the bad weather and is now one step closer to its completion.  We also had the visit of Eng. Carlos Capitão, from Tintas CIN, who came to see the work in progress and explained to us the correct way to prepare and apply the paint, so we can start with the coating of the chimneys in the days to come. 

Back at Mouzinho da Silveira, we had a presentation by Porto Vivo about the rehabilitation program they have in place for the historical centre of Porto. Having in mind the difficulties faced by private owners, and the lack of a proper support structure, Porto Vivo has developed a methodology to take the matter into their own hands, as well as developing an important role in the mediation and facilitation of the licencing process of rehabilitation proposals, such as Arrebita!Porto.

After a sunny weekend, we got back to the office and also had the opportunity to start a new project with Sr. João Pacheco, to be developed in the next few weeks: building a 1:20 model of the pilot project of Arrebita!Porto. We will keep you posted on it as we go along!

 Between visits to the building, progress at the office, and some site seeing, we had a visit from Thinking Big, and got to participate in an interesting group building experience. During the session we had the opportunity to understand and put to practice different communication and expression skills, instigating group dynamics and building upon shared experiences. A Big thanks to Edite Amorim, and also Rita and Catarina for the experience!
Two weeks after its arrival, Team 8 is off to an enthusiastic start! With the roofs’ completion, the work on site will now be focused on the facade, with the training and support of Weber’s team.

More soon!


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