Monday, February 10, 2014

Designing A!Plan

Hello fellow Arrebitas!

Here we are again with some great news to share with you!
As the preparation of the work to be done in the facade continues, we are pleased to let you know that we have a new partner, Gercima, which will be responsible for the production of the Arrebita! windows, which we thank and welcome with excitement!
As the design plan of the facade starts to come together, we are also focusing our attention in the interior design of the building, considering the re-introduction of the mezzanine, above the ground floor. As it would allow us to explore the full potential of this storey’s exceptionally high ceiling, as well as to maximize its flexibility in the future, we will meet Norporto this week and go through the different possibilities of its development, having in mind the full potential of light steel framing construction as well as the specificities of the building, which we will weight and consider together, on site.
With the latest developments in mind, we are searching for an architectural image that will allow the building to come together as a whole, bringing together the materials and services made available through our partners in action, as well as the different uses and purposes the building will embrace. From the housing units, where our A!box will be crucial for the definition of space and architectural language, to the ground floor, mezzanine and basement, open to different and versatile purposes and activities.
With all this in mind, this week will be an exciting one! Today, Natalia Solano, our architect in residence, will work with us in an intensive session, focused on the A!box and the overall architectural design of the building. From there, we will meet our partners from Gyptec, Gercima and Norporto throughout the week, in order to clarify any doubts we might have and develop the project even further!
We’ll keep you posted as always! Feel free to follow us also through facebook and instagram for more updates!
Cheers from Arrebita!

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