Saturday, February 23, 2013


Ever wondered where your toilet comes from? Or how that sink is made, above which you brush your teeth every day? Indeed, you kind of take them for granted, but after our visit to the Sanitana factory we can assure you: there is a whole story behind them. The entire process - from the pile of clay up to the shiny, finished sanitary ware - was explained to us while walking through the factory of which the size and scale was impressive. We felt like discovering a metropolis of sanitary ware! Toilets and sinks passing above our heads on a conveyor belt, an oven with the size of a footballfield and endless rows of toilets and sinks being molded/unmolded/finished/...  
We even saw the place where the first samples - the mother of the mother of the molds - were created by hand. How remarkable to see a man sculpturing a toilet! Duchamp would have had a great time :-)

The pile of clay where it all starts

Making the mold

Conveyor belt transporting a variety of sanitary ware from one room to another

Endless rows...

Because of the impressive variety of products the Sanitana catalogue does indeed approach the thicknes of the seventh Harry Potter book and so we had a hard time picking the most beautiful sanitary equipment to use in our building. (luxury problem!)
Enjoy your bathroom!

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