Tuesday, February 19, 2013

a CABA inspiration

Most of the time, people start the day with a caffeine boost. But not us at Arrebita. We need stronger : an inspiration boost ! We started the day by visiting a building which is under refurbishment, conducted by architect Marta Campos.

As soon as we entered the building we could feel the first kick : a beautiful building, full of possibilities, just like Reboleira 42, a treasure which needs to be revealed.

As we approached the first floor, we were completely awake because, right in front of our eyes, here it was : a "service box" grouping kitchen and bathroom supplies, just like our "CABA". The main structure and the different sewages were already done so we could understand better the challenges, and then it started : an explosion of pictures and questions to Marta who was kind enough to explain us all. As we continued the tour : the "service box" popped up in every floor with its own specificities and laying out according to the needs (for example the integration of stairs for the duplex apartment).

We finished the tour by 2 slices of sun in the back yard, and that's how we do it at Arrebita !

Good morning sunshine

 structure service box

integration of sewage and pipes

service box with reservation 

slices of sun

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