Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Arrebita! on air

Once a drop reaches water, waves follow in larger and larger circles. 

Arrebita!Porto is nothing but that. At least this seems what the media have been thinking, since the very first stages of the project. Video interviews and promo video are now collected in our Arrebita!Porto YouTube channel

check out Arrebita!Porto videodiaries on our YouTube channel

José has been explaining Arrebita!Porto in a number of venues, like TEDxO'Porto, making interviews and promo videos the core of Arrebita!Porto video channel. 

Talking about expanding waves, the international community is getting more and more interested on the project and the virtuous mechanism framing it. We already had interested journalists contacting Arrebita! from Belgium, France, Germany and Italy. 
A few days ago we actually had one architect of international team 4 interviewed by Radio24, a national Italian broadcast service. Flavio, waking up quite early on a Saturday morning, had an interesting talk with Federico Taddia, host of L'Altra Europa - The Other Europe

Bearing in mind to make Arrebita!Porto accessible on the web, and to spread the message, we thought it was worth it to have English subtitles explaining the audio tracks. Just make sure the "cc" button is selected, and English text will appear. 
Talk to you soon.

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