Friday, April 13, 2012

The Second Week

The Easter is behind us, and many people were still on holiday, but not the Arrebitas! On Monday we had a fantastic presentation by two of NCREP's engineers - João Paulo Miranda Guedes and Tiago Ilharco about the traditional Porto housing typology. We have learned some basics of old building techniques and we have got a lot of useful information, which were the first steps in our understanding of all the damages that we can find in our pilot building.   
Workshop with João and Tiago
On Tuesday we had a full day workshop of BIM - Building Information Modeling by the professor Jorge Vaz from ESAP and Pedro Faria from our Arrebita family! This lecture about project management will help us to organize and consolidate our self during the teamwork in the most advanced way. 
BIM workshop with Pedro and Jorge
After the lecture we entered into the pilot building for the first time and made a short survey of it following the instructions that we got from NCREP.
In the evening we met the team of Arrebita engineers for the first time, so we showed to Rita, Daniel, Diogo and João some sketches and conclusions that we made about the building and discussed it a little bit…
The engineers visiting and supervising
We have to admit that it was a really long day but also that we learned so many new things, so - we are not complaining!:)   
Wednesday was a more relaxing day because we didn’t have any meetings, so we used it to make some plans about the structure of our Open working day presentation. This will be next wednesday, and we defined some main chapters and topics for the story about the building! You should all come and see!

And on wednesday Guido finally arrived from Italy! We have really been looking foreward to meet him. Welcome to our Arrebita!Family, Guido!
No further comment needed
Thursday was a very practical day for us, because we went to the building together with the NCREP engineers Tiago and Valter, who had brought their equipment for all necessary tests! So we rolled up our sleeves and got dirty! For all of us this was a first time of working onsite identifying damages, so everybody was really excited about it. This unique experience ended with many useful results about a condition of almost all of the elements in the building. 
On site with NCREP
Testing the beams with the resistograph
Hands on discovering damages
Valter and Tiago, looking for reinforcement
Guido checking the moist
In the evening, we had a first meeting with Arrebita architects – a six member team of girls: Magia, Rita, Pilar, Teresa, Mary and Filipa! We presented to them the historical and structural facts of the building that we found out so far, and we also discussed about our presentation on the Open working day…

Friday – we didn’t have any meetings so we spent the day preparing our presentation…  
Hard work

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