Thursday, June 26, 2014

The time has come....

to say goodbye.

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy, as we managed to wrap up the project and eliminated some outstanding issues. We enjoyed getting to the point on which we started knowing our building like the back of our hand and make a contribution to the design of the project. We worked especially in the ground floor as some changes in the structural project came up. By now we are happy to leave a very straight design and a clean ArchiCAD file to make the start for the next team as easy as possible.

After publishing the final photos of the model already on facebook it is time to present them on our blog, too. We are very grateful that we had the opportunity to work with Senhor Pacheco and are grateful for his dedication to Arrebita. Spending a lot of time in his workshop, we noticed that a lot of people stopped by to marvel at his work. Thus, we designed business cards as a little goodbye gift for him.

A welcome change of our computer work was the meeting with our most recent partner D_vise. They spent an afternoon doing different activities with us to assess our team work. We talked about how to improve the experiences in Arrebita for the participants. They take all the results into account to give feedback to the support team to improve the management of Arrebita. 

Sometimes life indeed makes a full circle. Our goodbye dinner with the José, Natalia, Rita, Pedro and Daniel took place in Maus Hábitos as our first lunch already did. However, as most of us will stick around for a little while longer it hopefully was not our last beer together.

If we have already thought this was a great night, Porto definitely taught us better. Since the moment we arrived here people has been asking us whether we stay for São João, the city holiday. Even though we have been prepared for this night of craziness in Porto, you have experience it to really understand its extent. Traditionally, people have a barbecue in front of their houses. The smell of sardines and green peppers will follow one all the way downtown where the fireworks illuminate the sky above the river. There are stages with all kinds of music all over the city and the streets are packed with people. Back in the days they used to tease each other sticking smelly flowers into each other faces. The flower has been replace by a less stinky but equally crazy version: plastic hammers, that make a high-pitched noise when you “hit” someone. Running through the city with our hammers, this was a night to remember!

So this is us for now.
We will leave with a lot of great memories and are excited to see how our dear Reboleira will turn out.

Take care,
Yours Team 9 

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