Monday, May 26, 2014

Done and dusted...


The other day we had a belated spring cleaning at the building site. Everything needed to be ready for the German delegation. Once we started it was hard to stop us again, but finally we had to realize that we could not get rid of the dust entirely. Moreover we assembled some pillars to fix signal tape to make it 200% safe for our visitors. Probably photos will be able to tell a much better story about that day than words.


Broom and woman power
When we were done with the floor and covered in dust ourselves our partner SIGN brought the three light boxes. We had been designing them for few days and the result proved the time well invested. So by the end of the day everything was in place for the presentation.

Unveiling the light boxes

After Cristiano spent days and nights at Senhor Pachecos workshop we could finally marvel at that beautiful model of ours, as well. Have you ever seen such a detailed realistic model?
We neither. Our special and most sincere thanks go to Senhor Pacheco, we could not have accomplished that level of detail and precision without him. Also we want to thank the previous teams that already started with the structure.

Have a look at the pictures, did we promise you too much?
More pictures will be uploaded in the next weeks. Also check Senhor Pachecos facebook to have a look at his wonderful boats he does.


The model on its way to the site

So – cleaned building site: check; light boxes: check; model: check – all set for our German visitors.


The delegation arrived on Saturday around lunchtime. They actually came from the Institute for Urban Planning in Berlin (Institut für Städtebau Berlin) and were guests of Porto Vivo that organized the presentation of Arrebita as a surprise. Since they were so many, we had to split the group and Alina had to give the presentation twice. In German, of course. Even though the other Arrebitas could not understand too much, it seemed to be a good presentation. The delegation was impressed by the idea and engagement of Arrebita. So let's hope they spread the word of Arrebita back home in Germany.

After the presentation we really had the best reasons to celebrate our achievements of our halftime.

Of course we did not run out of tasks. There are a lot of things in the making right now.
As you might remember, we need to build the ground floor before we can start with the 1st floor. Therefore we are designing a solution for it with our partner at the moment. We will keep you updated about that.

Besides that, we are testing a software by our partner 3Decide
It is called 360° and will allow us to add captions with the information or story we want to give on that component. They already took the first round of 360° of photos and we have started to select data we want to appear in the captions. Every three month there will be new photos so you will actually be able to follow the refurbishment process on the building site.
As soon as we are done with the first ones we will upload them.

Furthermore, we can proudly announce that...drumroll...we are done with the selection of our successors, team 10. It was two weeks of talking to very nice and talented people from all over the world. Nevertheless there are just five positions in the team and we had a tough time deciding with José. Shortly we will introduce them here. We are excited to meet them soon, even though we are sad at once, as it means our time is slowly running out. Four more weeks.

Doesn't time fly when you enjoy yourself?

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