Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Project + Partner To Come

Hi Guys,

This week started with great news: we established a new partnership with
Filipe Ganja (Deslembrados), a Stencil Artist / Graphic Designer and we sealed the deal… with what??? First with style and then with a Stencil in the office façade of course!
Deslembrados Logo
Bruno Preparing the Stencil
Arrebita!Porto Stencil
In the first meeting with Filipe we talked about how could we use this partnership in an unusual way and not only in the most direct application in Reboleira Building interiors and so we start developing some new ideas about energizing the whole façade of our office with a big project that will identify Arrebita!Porto and the great place where we work in ! We hope to bring people here, and to make our message arrive everywhere!
Filipe Ganja and Cláudia talking about the new Projects
First Meeting With Filipe
But we went further and start to develop a campaign to people continue to get in touch with the project, and we hope to organize an Open Office day where you can see the painting of the wall and you could talk with us to understand the project and to get involved with the project if you want. Take all your doubts!
And the least but not the last… be aware and in alert to Oporto’s walls. We will deliver some messages!
Greg Says Cheers!
Cheers! TEAM 6

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