Friday, July 19, 2013

Arrebita! Logbook, 4th Working Week

Hi crew! After one week we are glad to inform you that we have another partner! Ricardo Silva is a civil engineer helping us with the gas project.
DID YOU KNOW (creating large open plan spaces with kitchen in the middle makes entire room to be considered as a kitchen, in other words from the gas engineer perspective our building is just 2 massive kitchens, which need to be sufficiently ventilated – yey! lets drill some holes!)
We are working on the architectural design to adjust the building design to the gas safety necessities.
José and Ricardo sealing the deal
Talking with architects Natalia Solano and Rita Saturnino we choose colors and dimensions of the CABA and we will soon surprise you with our next “publication” of A!Booklet…
Meeting with Natalia and Rita S.
Discussing the A!Booklet
This week we finally opened the gates of hell and went to the Rua da Reboleira. Inspection of the building and fighting the massive blood sucking spiders was a lovely gateway from ArchiCAD and office work.
Fighting Massive Spiders
After the fight with the spider, Greg continued relaxing by creating A!Library and organizing all books and catalogs, while the others came back to real work.
Last but not least some great news. We have now gained some international fame (blink, blink J). One of the Brazilian newspapers have interviewed one of TEAM 6 members Yuri and described his adventure with Arrebita! and Portugal here (Portal G1). Ever since this event we spend most of our time hiding from paparazzis and crowds of teenage fans....
A week of enterprises need an happy ending so we decided to organize a meeting/dinner in A!headquarter (our house)  with the engineers Daniel Barbosa e Rita Ferreira talking about our next adventures!
Eating Tany's Italian Food and Greg's Tzatziki

Stay tuned and see you next week ;)
Kisses and beijinhos!

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