Friday, November 30, 2012

Fine tuning the roof

November is already behind us. There is just two weeks before the end of our stage, and what a better end than taking part of an exhibition ! EXPONOR will be our studio from the 6th to the 9th of december, so come and join us in our container !

Last Friday we were lucky to visit Cobert’s tile factory in Torres Vedras.  We were very impressed with their mechanical systems to make tiles. The coordination is amazing and the precision that these intelligent robots have and the quality of the tiles is guaranteed by a final rigurous examination. 

On this same day, we visited Secil’s concrete factory which is near Leiria. Dimscale team join us for this visit and we had an overview of all the products we can use in our building, and probably try some of their new products too, like a composit material made with cork and concrete. Let’s see if it can be used for the basement ground insulation…

expanded cork and concete mix

On Thursday, after studying what we learned in Cobert tile factory, we had a meeting with 2 Cobert Technicians to ask more questions! The objective was to ensure that the materials were used properly and to know all the technical details of how to mount their systems.
The technicians brought samples of all the materials that could be useful to use in the roof and showed us some very useful videos to explain how they work and how they are applied.  After analyzing how they work and following their advice, we came up with the right solutions.

And we want to share with you our last drawings. Finding more partners allowed us to go further in the detailling of the project. Your opinion is important, let us know what do you think !

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