Sunday, November 4, 2012

Arrebitas on wheels

Hi Arrebitas !

Last time we showed you how much fun we had starting the demolition, but before we continue destroying walls and ripping layers of the floor in the building we have some tasks to complete.  For example, waiting for the archeologic report, concluding the neighbours inspection, receiving the last technical project…In the meantime, while this is happening a lot happened this week.First of all we appeared on Biosfera program about sustainability on the Portuguese channel 2 (where you can see us working in the building, and Zé talking about the project) wednesday, Tatiana spent the day with DIMSCALE to work on final decisions of material system. It was usefull to spend the day with them because many questions were answed.While this was happening, back in the studio the team was meeting Secil Argamassas, the concrete partner. And soon we will do a road trip to their factory in Leiria.

DIMSCALE meeting

On Friday, Pigma (Conservation / Restauration partner) invited us to a building they are working on : Casa da Prelada, here in Porto. This is building designed by Nicolau Nasoni in the 18th century. Pigma team are doing a great job there !  We were very impressed by there ability and patience, especially for the little details of the ceilings.

In the afternoon we picked up our new bikes refurbished and supplied by Eco-Riders Banco das Bicicletas! Now Arrebitas are on wheels ! Let see if we manage ride the slopes of Porto !

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