Tuesday, August 7, 2012

making the puzzle, piece by piece

This week we would like to send best greetings to the first team of Arrebita! by saying that the architecture and design process is closed!

Working on a solid ground with your finished work and new parameters to follow, according to all technical solutions, at the end we made it! 

Drawings are submitted and already approved!

new accessory for the building "Aviso" board
And now the focus is only on the technical projects that are needed for this phase to pass from table to the construction site. 
The most difficult part was to make the architecture, the construction and the pipes to work together as a unite, but after a lot of meetings and huge amount of exchanged e-mails with the engineers responsible for this part – Bernardino, Rita and Daniel, we can proudly say that the things are coming out very good.

prove of the process

So with the stability project completely finished and the others well underway we prepare for the 5th OPEN WORKING DAY and all of you that are interested please come and join us on the roundtable discussion this Wednesday

And for those who are in a mood to miss this -ideas exchange- we still have this wonderful invention of internet and comment box for shearing thoughts, which we are excited to hear.

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