Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Busy like monday morning

Monday – busy as it is written in “life rules” book. We had a major decision making meeting with two of our engineers Rita and Daniel and prof. Teresa Fonseca. And it was decided that changes according to many different things need to be done.
Here are the previous and the new submission drawings with most of the changes included:

In order to involve new solutions in our design, Wednesday morning we had an introduction to the hydroponic gardening system. This means possibility of growing plants without soil or sunlight. All you need is water and artificial light to grow, let’s say parsley for your soup. Amazing!
We are still thinking if it is possible to have this invention in our project, but yet it is a good information to have in future.

big scale example of hydroponic garden system

Thursday escaping afternoon work we met Alvaro Leite Siza Vieira– Siza Junior, visiting his Fez House. Amazingly for such name in architecture, he was very welcoming and willing to spend two and a half hours showing us his piece of art – house in every detail!
We have to thank Marta tough, since she was the main link to this great experience and wonderful architecture.

visit captions
Day after, DIMSCALE, trough skype conference came up with not very pleasant information, that all companies which are our possible material suppliers are on vacation for one month. So till than is not possible to have the exact material information, but it also means possibility to think more thrill into the details and providing new solutions in terms of materials and implementation. And the idea is to have as much possibilities as we can, in a way to be more efficient when we will get the final information about the suppliers.

With busy week ahead, meaning submission of the technical drawings, off we go!

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