Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The first team saying their goodbyes

It is now two and a half months since we arrived in Porto. Five new people, three not knowing Porto, two not knowing Portuguese, not knowing one another, and none of us, we suspect not even Paixão, really knowing what we were going to do.

And now we are here, almost three months later. We have learned a bunch of stuff, met fantastic people, made new friends, learned some Portuguese, gotten more tanned, and we actually have a project ready for submission! With the help of skilled people, great ambitions and a lot of working hours, we reached this point. We hope and think it is a good base for the next teams to work on with, and look forward to follow the process and see how the project evolves.


2nd floor apartment

Workshop in the basement

Seminars in the basement

Ground floor

Finally, there are a lot of people we would like to thank:
Sidewalk with Pilar and Diana, for giving us a warm welcome
Swark, for inspiring us to look for treasures
Celin, for her fresh perspective and exemplary work
Ricardo and Araujo at INFOR, for patient tutoring and support
Tiago, Valter and João Paulo at NCREP, for great cooperation and letting us use cool machines
Artur and David from Dimscale, for their inspiring enthusiasm and constant availability, and for even having a blog about the project!
Professor Jorge Vaz and Pedro Faria, for their knowledge and eagerness
Professora Teresa Fonseca, for reminding us of what is important
Susana Pacheco Barros, for a magical insight in the historical Porto
José Sequeira and Ana Leite Pereira at Porto Vivo, for sharing their work and points of view
Paulo Sousa, for a level of precision we could not reach ourselves
Ren Ito, for inspiration and knowledge
João Morgado, for fantastic photos
Ricardo Lemos from Fundacão talento, for inspiration
Mimi, for looking out for us
Vitor Sousa, for all his time, energy and patience
Catarina and Joana, for crucial insight to what we are working with (and to the unforgettable night life of Porto)
The Arrebita engineers; Rita, Daniel, Diogo, João and Bernardino, for knowledge, patience and magical pipework
The Arrebita architects; Pilar, Magía, Rita, Mary Ann, Joana, Teresa, Joana Vasconcelos and Pedro, for discussions and enthusiasm. An extra thanks to Pilar, who did fantastic works on the submission drawings and documents.
And last but not least, José Paixão, our boss and team mate, for giving us the opportunity, for his enthusiasm and ambitions. You're amazing, man!

We would also like to give a big thank to the families of José, Eva and Cristina, and everyone who has welcomed us to this beautiful country, city and project. Especially for the foreigners amongst us, meeting all these fantastic people has really made our stay!

Some impressions from our Porto experience you can see here.

Good luck to Ana, Pedro, Liljana, Marta and Ilaria with the next stage!

Até logo, Porto!
See you in February 2014!

We'll miss you - and we know you'll miss us too...


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  2. GREAT JOB TEAM!!!It was a pleasure work with all of iou.