Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Arrebita Team 2 is in da house!

So, we arrived! Piece by piece, the puzzle called TEAM 2 is complete!

Arriving in different time, the first were Pedro from Portugal and Ana from Macedonia, than Marta from Portugal, Ljiljana (a.k.a. Lili) from Serbia and just landed from Italy – Ilaria.

Lili, Ilaria, Marta, Ana & Pedro
Starting from Monday we had our hands full of work, thanks to the great job that the first team had done. Ingrid and Eva, the members of the Team 1, with a great help from Pedro and Marta, who were already well informed about the project, introduced Ana with the project and the building on the famous Reboleira 42. They were being present for the Open working days and in constant communication with the boss a.k.a. Josė.
The working plan for the following week, made by Josė, was settled.

Tuesday was fulfilled with question marks towards Ingrid and Eva, about anything that we could think of. Since they were available only this week, we had to squeeze all the information out of them, and then let them freely leave their “baby” behind, in good hands of course.
Going through the drawings and files, the evening was set for meeting and introduction to the wider circle of the Arrebita team – architects and engineers: Daniel Barbosa, Bernardino Lima, Ricardo Pinto, Pilar Abreu e Lima, Teresa Estrela, Rita Saturnino, Joana Morais Silva, Joana Miguel and Pedro Costa. Proposing some new ideas, new questions were raised and in the end the tasks for the next week were added.
After all day work went to have the deserved glass (read glasses) of beer in one of the uniquely decorated local bars.

Ana & the huge garlic
On Wednesday we have already had the updated measurements of the building, so there were some tiny changes to be made. What else was there to do, other than taking our laptops and getting the job done? We divided the responsibilities, in order for everyone to be useful in exact measure. Although without finishing, we very seriously started to go towards that goal.
While still waiting for Lili and Ilaria to come, the formal introduction of the city of Porto had to wait, but there was still the informal one. So take your Portuguese or even Norwegian friend by the hand and walk with eyes and ears open!

On Thursday we spent more time than usual to prepare for the work, because the reporter from the newspaper Público was coming to the office to make an interview about the Arrebita project, which is HUGE, and it’s not that we wanted to look good in the newspaper, but to be more self-confident in giving the better interview.
However the interviews went great, we talked a little bit about ourselves and our interests in Arrebita project.

Pedro - giving classes how to become famous
Meanwhile a meeting with Nuno Rolo Creado from RC Energy Solutions was going on, considering the possibilities of the building. We talk about questions related with thermic solutions and the energetic behavior of the building. It will be important to test our solutions in a model, to understand what could be the most efficient decisions and optimize the light and ventilation system.
And in the afternoon, after several cancelled flights, Lili arrived! She was introduced to the project quickly, but this time we were in the role of “tour guides”.
After this, with the sunset and European football championship continuing, it was the obligation to watch how Portugal team makes its way to the semifinals. Vamos Portugal!

All day Friday was reserved for our Archicad workshop in INFOR headquarters placed in Matosinhos. On this quick modeling course we were accompanied by Pedro Costa and Pilar Abreu e Lima. Special thanks to the master of Archicad – Ricardo and we’re looking forward to Artlantis workshop that will happen in the near future.

Archicad workshop's terrace with the Master-Ricardo, Pilar and Pedro
After slowly but successfully becoming Archicad geeks, we had our first touch with the ocean! Although we had a lot of enthusiasm for swimming, our swimming suits and towels stayed in the bag. But the weather forecast predicts brighter, warmer future!
 In order to summarize the completed working week, we and Josė – a special guest a.k.a. helper, prepared a dinner which was a good mixture of every country’s taste, with addition of Porto wine, of course!

As we arrived (at least most of us) in perfect timing for the party and celebration, we had a great privilege to feel the festive energy for São João!

4.20 once, 4.20 twice, sold to Arrebita! for 4.20!
After a great amount of positive people, hammer kicks, music and fireworks, Sunday was a day for horizontal positioned body and for collecting energy for the upcoming fulfilled week.

Josė with TEAM #2
working very hard-already

Now when the whole team is completed can’t wait to get busy!

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