Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We are proudly presenting our new facade!

After a lot of hard work on the facade provided by our fellow partners and the former teams, we are one step further with the process on site.

from old...
...to new!
In the beginning of this year team 8 started to work on the facade by making a complete diagnosis and creating a booklet, containing all the information they gathered. 
The condition of the facade was mostly good, considering all the years of abandonment and the lack of maintenance. 
Luckily no serious structural problems were detected, but there were still some cracks to be filled! Team 8's work also contained the decision of the colour of Saint Gobain Weber Portugal finishing products and we feel they did a very good job to match the surrounding neighbourhood.
Long shot of Reboleira nº42-46

Saint Gobain Weber Portugal provided us with their line of lime based plasters, which will work well with the existing wall. This plaster lets vapour pass through and will contribute to a better climate inside the building. The wall was finished off with weber.rev kal plaster that already contains an ink pigment inside it and unlike a paint will not be peeling off the wall in the humid climate here in Porto.

The help and the muscle work of team 9 made sure that all of the finishing products, provided by Weber, were unloaded and stored at our neighbour's, Mr Loureiro, building. Selidomus provided free transportation of the Weber materials from Aveiro to our dear Reboleira°42 and kindly lent us wheelbarrows to help us with the transportation of the materials to the building.
Team 9 also helped to mount the scaffolding and put the security net around it. They also made the decision about the colour of the wood work, concerning the windows and doors. We would like to thank our partner Envolvente for supplying the scaffolding!

Our contractor Topdomus did an incredible job on site. They removed the dirt and the old ink, removed the old windows, put the wooden soffit, applied the products from Saint Gobain Weber on the facade and repaired and finished the facade. They made sure that the gutter and the pipes were mounted and painted, as well as the rings attached to the façade near the roof and the wooden soffit.

Stay tuned for more insights about our new windows, provided by our partner Gercima, Lda. We are going to the building site to take some photos for you and supply you with the latest news.

We will only say this much: they are drop-dead gorgeous!

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