Monday, September 9, 2013


We’re back on the track!
Very productive last few days resulted in singed contract with TOPDOMUS and finally we see a very bright future ahead of us. TOPDOMUS gave us a very competitive prize for the demolition of the old structure, roof renovation and hopefully new floor structure. This price however, takes into account our involvement in works on-site.  
Constructors on site!

Bruno and Greg beating Reboleira Olympic Record

In the while we are taking archaeologist classes and making surveys of the walls. We will leave our cosy office and get some fresh air activity while unloading trucks and assisting workers.

Architects vs Archaeologists

The plan of action is as following:

We also have a surprise for you! If everything goes as planned we will be broadcasting the progress of works from Rua Reboleira online. While we try to obtain the permission to film in public premises  try out our current broadcast. LIVE from ARREBITA! office you can now witness the never ending meetings and feel like part of the TEAM.

Our time had almost passed! As we told you : The Best is yet to come but now at least it is sooner than later. We signed and sealed, TEAM7 will deliver!

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  1. só boas noticias!
    façam um mega esforço pessoal, vai valer a pena!