Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lots of visits (III)

Our last visit of the round was planned to be to Marta Campos’ building, but she thought that it could be interesting for us (and it was) to see before the building beside which is being refurbished by the architect Inês Pimentel.
This building is  nowadays in the framework, so we could see the real structure and the composition of the structural walls, the Portuguese  typical “tabique”, the  slabs, etc. 

Was very nice to discover a new view of the building and see how beautiful can be it only cleaning every covering in the walls and the ceilings.

Inês Pimentel telling us the concept and the develop of her project

Looking the composition of the structural walls

We discovered also very nice gardens behind the buildings!

Then we went to see the other building, where Marta explained us the concept of the project and how the building process is at present.
In this case the building was almost finished so we could see it in a different way.

Marta Campos explaining us the details of her project

One of the flats in the building

The same week we also had  a conference in the “Universidade Católica Portuguesa” in the event of the “Dia Mundial do Ambiente” where José, Rita Ferreira, and the team explained the project from the ideas in the beginning that created Arrebita!Porto to our last designings during our stage.
After we had a discussion with the audience about the concepts we talked about.

The conference

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