Friday, May 31, 2013

Archaeological Excavation

First step in the building's basement for team 5 ! A smell of stagnant water and plenty of spider webs welcomed us... The aim of this day was to do the archaeological survey of the building's foundation. We went on site with archaeologist Susana Andreia to dig under the (rotten) wooden floor of the basement. 

Archaeologist Susana Andreia Preparing The Excavation

Our wish was to find some golden treasure or some bones from another century. So we dug for 5 cm taking care of every singular object (mainly pieces of iron) before to discovered...
Team 5 In Action

the foundation in granite !

Our Treasur !
This day was an occasion to discover how archaeologists work (define a place to dig, take measurements, excavate layer by layer, draw what we found and take measurement again) and to talk about the history of Porto.

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