Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring has sprung here in Porto!

This week was a little less intense than previous.

Tuesday some of us went to a conference in which Jose was speaking at, about the social dimension of urban regeneration and Arrebita! at Santa Casa da Misericordia do Porto! Those of us who were not as confident with our Portuguese enjoyed the evening sun. We are continuing to work on the final new A!BOX designs and looking for the last few suppliers. Always getting closer to starting on site!

On Thursday Jose gave a presentation in French with the help of Madalena and Ruth from team 4 presenting Arrebita! to Centre Calouste Gulbenkian in Paris. Where we hope to show an image of Portugal that is positive and forward looking.

Ruth, Madalena and Jose at Centre Calouste Gulbenkian in Paris

While we in team 5 worked away in the studio finalising the material for the A!BOX.

The external finish of the A!Box lets you personalise as you want and the interior will be very shiny!  But we can’t reveal more information right now!

Monday we met with all the Arrebita! architects and showed them our input on the A!BOX and with their feedback we are getting ever closer to finishing the final design. Don’t worrying, we will show you as soon as we have it!

After some busy days trying to define the truly last version of the A!BOX (we hope you’ll love it) we had a cultural rest where we got the opportunity to listen to some local Fado singers.

Secret location !

Wednesday evening we joined a workshop about structural refurbishment by NCREP. For those who don’t speak Portuguese it was an opportunity to learn some Portuguese words and there were some nice pictures.

Ncrep conferences 

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