Friday, December 14, 2012

Até já !

Team 3 is about to leave Porto ! The last 3 months were a wonderfull experience for all of us.

Our stay in Exponor was very productive ! We want to share with you the pictures.

We also want to show some pictures we mansion on a previous post from the termographic camera. A great thank you again to Rita and Daniel's collegues for these document.

Finally we want to thank all the people we worked with:

The architects Pilar, Rita, Teresa, Victor, Pedro S, Pedro C, Natalia, Magia, Leonor
The Engineers Rita and Daniel,
Artur and David from Dimscale,
Nuno from IQ Energy,
Tiago from LogAcoustica,
David and Teresa from Pigma
Tiago, Bernadino, João  from NCREP,
Profesor Teresa Fonseca,
Araujo Gomes and Ricardo Dias from Infor,
Maria, Susana from Dryas
Jose Barbosa from Idade do Ferro,
All the Cobert and Secil team for their greats visits
And José to making this real !

Best wishes to everyone and keep us informed !

Marco, Tatiana, David, Luis and Céline from Team 3.

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