Friday, October 5, 2012

Connecting the dots

 As you may have noticed, our 7th Open Working Day has been postponed. But don’t forget to come on the  new date, Wednesday the 17th of October, that one is for sure, the last one before we start the work on site!

Some things have also to be done before this : the archeologic research. Because we are in an historical center, the rule is to accomplish this research and let’s just cross our fingers to be unlucky with this task of finding some historic treasures! Even if it’s going to be interresting to work with the archeologists and their students, a good news for them will means delay for us… the basement will be analyse by excavation as a quick inspection of the building. For now the plans are in their hands and we’ll soon prepare this intervention.

The Architectural project,which is almost done, still has to have some fine details in some places: the entrance of the shop, some furniture, the CABA…and the roof. We are still waiting for a few of the technical projects to be completed, and are putting those we do have together, ensuring no issues with compatibility. So it’s all a case of finding the last pieces of the puzzle and putting them into place, focusing on the roof and getting the building watertight !

Archicad workshop

thinking game

On Thursday we have finally met the famous Professor Teresa Fonseca ! And as we could see, a project is never done, even more when we are talking about refurbisment ! Many issues has been underlined : draining for the basement, is the main one. The window details for the middle door of the shop….

The team looking at the tomatoes
Between this collect of information and detail improvement, we had the privilege of the hydroponic greenhouse visit on wednesday ! That was quick but amazing ! And Jose took part of a debate at Plan B « from Renaissance to Shrinkage : What future for the European city ? » Arrebita ! Porto always present in the best events !

Plan B Debate

A busy week is waiting for us, and for now we just enjoy our free day, it’s National Day in Portugal !!! 
Happy Day for everybody !

Next post you’ll know more about our 7th Open Working Day !

Beijo ;)

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