Friday, April 26, 2013

Sunshine makes the world tick!

On Friday morning we visited the studio of Victor, architect for Arrebita! to see the ongoing building works in his building to get a better understanding of the Portuguese construction. We also took with us some more catalogues to do the finishing touches to A!BOX.

Exploring the building

New steel floor beams over old timber ones

Friday we all; architects and engineers and us had dinner at Jose’s house. It was a great way to meet everyone outside the office and sample some of the boss's cooking and some Portuguese wine!  

We have been working on a presentation which we presented to the architects on Tuesday. Here are some working diagrams from our presentation.


Kitchen elevation 

Bathroom elevation 

The meeting went well and we treated the architects and engineers to some of our home baked chocolate cake after. 

We saw the Axa building in Aliados which was refurbished and now hosts some works from Portuguese artists.

Bom 25 de Abril! 

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