Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First piece of the cake

Hi Arrebitas !

It has been a long time since our last post, and we apologize for that. Lots of good news and interresting visits were keeping us busy these last few weeks.

Last Wednesday we had the great opportunity to visit Jose Barbosa and his company., ‘Idade do Ferro’ or ‘Age of Iron’, His company is the heritage of his father and grand father, and he is helping us realise a number of our design solutions in metal.
We were very excited because the first stone of the building has been completed ! Actually it’s not a stone but our stainless steel system to close the middle door from inside.

Team at the Iron Age company

the first piece of the building !

test for the frame

On Friday, our engineering partners Rita and Daniel introduced us to a couple of their friends who gave us a demonstration of thermal imaging and let us play with their fantastic thermal imaging camera. We love fancy toys as much as the next guy ! But apart from being a lot of fun, the camera was also used to identify areas in the building where water was seeping in.  We are still waiting for the images, but will be sure to post them next time !

thermal vision

After a busy week last week we were rewarded with a visit to Jose’s grandparents in the beautiful Douro Valley, where the nicest company and most delicious portuguese cuisine awaited us! Pilar, one of our architects gave us a tour of her piece of paradise in her family’s olive grove near Mirandela. I think we’re all eager to return this weekend too ! Thank you to everyone for a great weekend !

Otherwise, as you may have noticed , we are at the end of November and reaching the end of this project stage, and our work on site has yet to begin.  There are a number of outstanding aspects of the project which our team must conclude. This week we are set to receive the remainder of the technical projects and conclude the design phase, which we are very excited to share with you at the end of the week !

A te jà !

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