Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Making final decisions

We feel like these two months that passed have filled into one week…intense, important, exhausting, but without luxury of making a mistake! This was our last sprint before we hand over the baton to the next Arrebita team.

We had to make some final moves, based on all the things that we have passed through during all our brainstorming and discussions with consultants and between ourselves. All the things that we planned to present on Wednesday had to be more accurate and proven with good arguments. In terms of that, we had a help of the Arrebita architects that we met on Monday. We were out of time so we had a concrete and pragmatic discussion with them, that helped us to solve a few doubts that we still had. After that meeting, we had our project done, the only thing that we missed were the drawings! :)

So, we continued, with the pure physical work of finishing the plans, sections, elevations, and all the other drawings that we planned to present on Wednesday, and of course, that we need for delivery to the City hall.

On Tuesday, we had an opportunity to meet our partner João Morgado, a fantastic photographer whose work you can see on his website http://www.photo.joaomorgado.com/. We are pleased to have him on board! :)
The happy family, captured by João Morgado

Wednesday and Open Working day! We presented our ”final” project and afterwards, had a fantastic discussion with some of our consultants, partners and people who follow our work since the beginning. Luckily for us, basically there were not so much criticisms that would make us change much in our project. It was more theoretical, but also very healthy conversation and extremely inspiring! In these situations, where a lot of questions are raised, you can also think of your project from completely different perspectives, so once again it helped us to be more realistic with all the decisions that we made!

Here we give you the new parts of the presentation from the Open Working day:

The box placed in the apartment on the 1st floor
View from the appartment on 2nd floor
After the presentation, we had a workshop with Dimscale. Since now we know more precisely some materials that we were planning to use in our project, we can assume some prices. So, the thing that we were very interested in is the price of our box! One of our tasks now is to try to adapt design of ”Caba” to some cheaper materials so it wouldn’t be too expensive. As always, our reliable Dimscale is working on it!

The end of the week we spent on finishing our final drawings that we are going to submit in City Hall and finally start with a licensing process! :) Next week we will show you our final drawings we submit for the approval. Stay tuned, it will be amazing!

We also have the great news of knowing now who are the members of next Arrebita team! The new “magic five” are: Ana Momirovska (Macedonia), Ilaria La Corte (Italy), Ljiljana Vidovic (Serbia), Marta Nunes (Portugal) and Pedro Santos (Portugal). We hope that we will have opportunity to meet them before we leave, but in any case, we are sure that we are leaving the project in the right hands! :)

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