Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our first week

Tuesday – our first day of action! We had an all-day tour that helped us to get the first impressions of Porto, which were necessary for our further work. Pilar and Diana from Sidewalk.Porto were our guides that took us through the steep and tight streets, and uncovering to us a lot of historic facts and current curiosities of the city. On our tour through the historic city center, we had the opportunity to get into buildings that are being refurbished – a hostel project of Floret Arquitectura, and an old house about to be refurbished by SWark. Interesting to hear about their aproach. During our ”short” walk we also met our pilot project building in Reboleira 42 for the first time!

... A lot of work to do, but even more ideas and still a lot of energy – we have just arrived!

Since we had been walking for so long, we sat down for a lunch in a very original and sweet place that can exist only in Portugal! And of course – with the inevitable bacalhau!
After lunch we met with a journalist, so he could take a few pictures of us to appear in the newspaper of Wednesday. We will be shy enough to share the link with you.
Still miss Guido, but he can get a whole article when arrives…

Wednesday – official birth of Arrebita! Jose and Municipality have finally signed all of the papers. Unfortunately we could not be there, but during lunch we saw José appearing on TV.

We were having a full day workshop at INFOR in Matosinhos, and a fantastic ArchiCAD lectures by Ricardo! Our best recommendations!
After the workshop, one non official thing - our first touch with the ocean, and kind of a rest from digital world of 3D modeling by the beach…

Thursday – a day dedicated to the social aspects of Porto! We’ve been lucky to hear the results of the surveys made by a few fantastic people:

-     two Arrebita girls – Catharina and Joana with a great historic summary and a opinions on the possible causes of the current situation in Porto inner center
-     Celin, who showed us her master work with very clear conclusions about social aspects of
      Porto, which was her thesis for graduating
-     Jose Sequeira and Ana Leite Pereira from PortoVivo, who explained to us the                 
      strategies of their organization through a presentation, but also took us for a short
      walk to see their current work on Morro de Sé 
So many different perspectives and points of view!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Boa Páscoa! :) Or if you like - Happy Easter!

The Arrebitas with Diana and Pilar
Visiting the refurbishing project house with SWark


José, the celebrity, at the municipality
ArchiCAD workshop with Ricardo

Walking the streets with José, Ana and Celin

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